The Three Letter Word

Dream BigWhen it comes to regrets, humans are remarkable similar. At least the humans who took part in a little social experiment in New York City recently.

“On Jan. 25, Ashton Kutcher’s entertainment website A Plus uploaded a video where folks in New York’s Petrosino Park were asked to write on a chalkboard what their biggest regrets were,” writes Joseph Lamour in MTVNews.

“Some reflected on the degrees they never got or dreams they didn’t try to achieve, while other people talked about the ones who got away or the risks they didn’t bother to take,” he continues.

“Once the board was filled, A Plus noticed most of these regrets shared the same three letter word — and I used it above too, without even realizing it (which is kind of wild, actually. Humans are so different, but so alike in that way.)”

That word was “not”…chances not taken, truths not spoken, dreams not pursued, passions not honored.

It’s a powerful reminder that every day we have a clean slate to rewrite our story. Never let it be said that “not” was my legacy.

Watch the full video here: What’s Your Biggest Regret?

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“Thank You is Not a Big Enough Word”

My daugrattitude birdghter was six years old when she opened her birthday gift from her dad and I. As she tore away the pink paper from the front of the package, a face looked out at her from the porcelain doll inside.

She paused, took a breath, then finished stripping off the wrapping. Finally she sat there with the box in her lap, staring at her new doll, dressed in ivory satin and a sweet veil.

She looked up at us and said “Thank you is not a big enough word.”

I know the feeling.

When gratitude fills our hearts, mere words don’t often cut it.

Still, we have to acknowledge the gift, the kudo, the daily miracle, the referral. About a year ago I started sending a small gift to anyone who successfully referred me to a new project or client. These gifts don’t cost me much, but ordering and sending them is the favorite part of my business.

Taking the few minutes to focus on that person and be grateful for their referral probably means more to me than the simple gift ever could to them.

Time spent in gratitude generates ever more to be grateful for. So Sandi Maki, watch the mail. Your referral on Sunday is blossoming into something lovely, and for that, I’m trying to find a better word than “thank you.” xxoo


A Little Monday Music

With all the recent news over famous people dying, and dying “too young,” it seems the Universe is trying to tell me a couple of things:

1) Everybody dies. Every. Body.


2) I’ll die too someday.

To face these two facts without fear is perhaps one of the greatest challenges we have as humans. Music helps. Especially music like this.

#OurCertainWay — This post first appeared in the Insights Community blog.