Forgetting to be Scared

We used to play like kids…racing, running, imagining all wondrous things, never stopping to say “what if somebody doesn’t like what I’m doing?”
As grownups (or at least as the grownups we often pretend to be) we let other people’s ideas, thoughts, opinions keep us from that kind of unabashed, in the open creative play.
Today, I got so excited I forgot to be scared.
I forgot to ask “what if they don’t like it?”
I forgot to consider “what will they think of me?”
I forgot to care if I fly or fail.
I forget to be scared.

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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

As a ghostwriter, I often get asked about citing sources. In a recent workshop I gave to help new authors get their books into the world, I answer this question to one of the attendees. Hope this helps clarify things. And of course, feel free to ask if you have more questions!

Godin on No

Just say noLiving an abundant and happy life does not mean saying yes to everything that comes along. Quite the opposite in fact. To truly be happy and fulfilled and stay in the flow, it’s imperative that we say no to what doesn’t serve.

Seth Godin offers a fantastic way to decide: On Saying No