Trash Talk on the Amazon-Hatchette Dispute

kdp-amazon1The publishing industry is at a crossroads, with striking similarities to the introduction of the paperback novel, predicted to be the death of hardcover. And it’s gotten Orwellian…but only if you don’t read deeper than the letter Amazon sent to its authors (self included).

When publishing companies OR distributors use authors to leverage their own value propositions, they can find themselves at odds with the best interest of the authors. Authors need to sell their books, and should be allowed (within reason) to price them accordingly.

The Amazon-Hatchette dispute has brought the issues out in the open, and Amazon/KDP just lobbed the latest volley. My books are listed on Amazon, and available on Kindle. Their distribution platform is solid and has redefined the term “getting published.” But as the owner of my words, the author of my works, do I have to bend to their pressure to sell cheap? I wonder if this isn’t just a case of corporate lawyers having too much candy before lunch. What’s your take? Would appreciate hearing from any authors (published or yet to be) on your thoughts.

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