Enough to Make a Life

Rainbow over Ball's Pyramid, (c) 2013 by Jon Clark, Creative Commons License
Rainbow over Ball’s Pyramid, (c) 2013 by Jon Clark, Creative Commons License

Success isn’t always measured by where you end up on the pyramid of life. This great post from Seth Godin about living within the frustrum reminds us that it’s not always about reaching the pinnacle.

“The frustration . . .  doesn’t come from the lack of a top to the pyramid. It comes from acting as if the peak is the point of the entire exercise,” he writes.

“The good news is that it’s entirely possibly you don’t need [to reach] the peak of the pyramid. The leverage that comes from digital tools means that it’s entirely possible to do just fine (and have a powerful, positive life) without being David Bowie. Once you know that this is it, perhaps this might be enough.

“Enough to make a difference and enough to make a life.”

This is enough.




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