How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish a Book?

Thanks to Ricardo Fayet, founder of Reedsy, for this fantastic Mediashift article and infographic. If you’re wondering what it might cost you to get professional help with your book, this is the info you’ve been looking for.

Fayet writes: “…let’s say you’ve written a first draft of your novel and just uploaded it to Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing. Technically, you’re ‘self-publishing.’ And your only monetary cost is the formatting to get the required .mobi file, which can be done for free via several online tools.

“Now, if you want to have a chance of selling that book, you need to replicate at least some of the steps of traditional publishing and ensure a certain level of quality and professionalism. This means having your book properly edited, typeset and proofread, and hiring a designer to create an eye-catching cover. Depending on your genre and your writing ability, these can cost more or less,” he continues.

As Fayet notes, there’s no hard and fast rule to say it will definitely cost you $xx; but his infographic will definitely help you understand what it takes.

(c) Reedsy 2016
(c) Reedsy 2016


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