How NOT to Do Customer Service Right

Annnnd, I’m out.

A few weeks ago I signed up for an online project organizing tool that I’ve used in the past. I was excited by their new features and ready to give it a go (after kind of forgetting about it for three years.)

I’m taking their new training, committed to mastering what I know will be a useful tool, all good so far. Then I get the “hey, congrats, we just upgraded your account” notice, and promptly realized that ALL my account data was gone. All my projects, lists, priorities, plans…GONE.

Okay, these things happen. I emailed CS, and got the typical “hey, we’re looking into it and we’ll fix it” reply. Okay, I can be patient.

Meanwhile, I’m getting at least one email every other day from them with a new product or feature to UPSELL me…on an account that is useless to me. And it’s not just the usual upsell stuff; it’s cleverly designed to look like goodies (like the “hey, send me your mailing address so I can send you this book…oh…and you’ll just pay postage of approximately what the book is selling for anyway.”)

With each email, I forward back to CS and say “hey, fix my account. Please and thank you.”


I just got the latest “don’t miss this offer” while getting NADA response on getting my real problem fixed.

Clearly their business model is focused on growth; that’s cool, we all have to set our business priorities. But the best way I’ve found to grow is by taking excellent care OF THE CUSTOMERS YOU ALREADY HAVE.

Sigh. Cap locks off; having a nice cup of tea and moving on with  my day…without this company.

How are you treating your customers?

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