NopeIn theory, we give plenty of lip service to saying no to things that don’t serve. We’re counseled to imagine ourselves saying goodbye to relationships we’ve outgrown; discarding those old belongings that turn into excess baggage; and saying sayanora to projects that don’t fit our bliss.

I give it plenty of lip service. But when it comes right down to it, I struggle to make that break. Until I remember that, if I don’t, I go against everything I counsel my clients to represent in their own work.

When our work is in tune with our authentic selves and we can pour our talent and skill into it without reservation, we put good into the world. A world that is sorely in need of good.

When it’s not in tune, it creates discord. It’s a bad vibration. It puts out yuck into the world, and makes us feel like yuck in the process. None of which does us or the world any good.

Sometimes we need that reminder that it’s okay…in fact, it’s mandatory…to say no.


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