One Sure Way to Build Trust with Your Content

I’m a huge fan of using industry stats and data from credible sources to build trust. I use this technique often when I write for my clients. Why? Because content that contains relevant data is proven to build trust with your readers. In fact, not using data can make it much less effective.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

“If your content doesn’t include data, it is less likely to be trusted, persuasive, or even read,” writes Ann Gynn in Content Marketing Institute.

Gynn cites data from Survey Monkey that shows 75% of adults say content that includes data is more trustworthy than content that doesn’t.

“Too often marketers think of data only in terms of analytics – prescriptive and descriptive data to understand how well content is performing or to inform their content planning. But this research reminds marketers that using data in their content is an audience must-have (or at least a preferred-have).”

Thanks to easy DIY graphics programs like Canva, your data doesn’t have to be dry.  Infographics and other visual representations can add punch, or you can pull images directly from cited sources — just make sure you give them proper credit.

Source: Netflix image via Content Marketing Institute

Whether you create your own research, or use industry sources, having solid data in your content will raise your credibility and build reader trust. And I’m 100% behind that idea.


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