How to Optimize Your Social Profiles

Not getting the results you crave on social media for your brand? It could be that you need to work on optimizing your social profiles. Keep in mind this one critical fact:

Your customers aren’t actually looking for you. In reality, they’re looking for a good solution for their problem. And social is the new way they are searching for it.

Why optimizing your social profile will help you grow

Being found on any search engine – Google, Bing, or the search functions of any social site – starts with a solid search engine optimization strategy. (Need a primer on New to SEO? This video from Search Engine Land will give you a good overview.)

Good SEO on your social profiles is important for two reasons:

  1. The major search engines show relevant social profiles in their search results; and
  2. Social platforms themselves are often used as search engines.
    That’s why Improving your brand’s social profiles will help you and your customers connect no matter where they search. In this report we’ll give you pointers and pro tips to help you enhance your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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