Should You Join All the Social Networks You Can?

Why joining all the social networks you can...even if you don't use a good idea.
Why joining all the social networks you can…even if you don’t use them…is a good idea.

For many authors, self included, the social media landscape often seems more like a gigantic time sink than a smart marketing platform. Do I really need Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc? I honestly don’t know. I do know some authors are using these platforms successfully (or it appears that way anyway). Still, I don’t know…

Then I read this blog post from Jane Friedman, “Why You Should Join All Social Media Networks.

She makes a couple of convincing arguments:

“You’re laying claim to the best (or a better) username or handle for yourself,” she explains.

“By being an early adopter,” she continues, “you gain the benefit of being ‘found’ by the hundreds or thousands who join the network after you, looking for people they already know on the network.On some networks, new users may automatically friend/follow people they’re friends with elsewhere. That means if/when you return to the network at a future date, you have a built-in following you didn’t have to work for.”

Those aren’t the only benefits, but they are enough to convince me. Looks like I have some usernames to grab today.

If you’re an author (or plan to be soon), go grab your accounts and then come and find me.

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