Who’s Your Sweet Fish?

big-fish-little-pond-a-new-way-to-think-about-finding-your-sweetest-customersSeth Godin says it beautifully in this post:

“There’s no doubt that the big fish gets respect, more attention and more than its fair share of business as a result. The hard part of being a big fish in a little pond isn’t about being the right fish. It’s about finding the right pond.”

He wisely advises us to get better at finding the right pond, “where we can do great work, make a difference, and yes, be a big fish.”

I love this analogy…what pond shall we swim in? My work lately focuses on translating enterprise-level content marketing theory into practical content creation for smaller size businesses that need to get their story out there. When we connect, it works like gangbusters.

My grandfather used to say “You can’t catch a fish with a toothpick.” I have no idea what he meant, but I’ve taken it as my mantra lately. Who is my sweet fish, and what kind of bait will he love?

What about you? Are you swimming in a pond that’s just too big? What niche can you narrow your search to and make some solid connections with real live fish in the same pond?