The Art and Science of Content Marketing

Forbes on Content MarketingIt’s the rage, the buzz, the must-have “thing” on your marketing plan.
And for many businesses, it’s totally overwhelming.

It’s pretty simple really, and dramatically effective when done right. Especially when you merge your content marketing strategy with your existing business and marketing goals.

Let’s break it down:

1. Start by taking a fresh look at your buyer personas (You do have buyer personas, yes? If not, we need to talk.)

2. For each persona, decide what questions/challenges/issues they face at each point in the buyer life cycle, aka  your sales funnel. (If you haven’t really thought about your sales funnel, consider these three stages: awareness, consideration, decision).

3. Decide what content you can provide to each persona at each stage in the sales funnel. Have a lead that is at the awareness stage? Provide a Top Tips blog post that addresses their current business pain. Is your prospect seriously considering finding a solution to their challenge? Now’s the time to offer a research-based article that proves the veracity of one aproach. Are they considering YOU for their solution? Offer take-away content that gives prices, specifics on deliverables, etc.

If you are doing this, and using all of the channels in which your prospects communicate (online, social, email, print, etc.) you are doing content marketing!

If you aren’t doing this, I can help you get started, gain momentum and keep it going.