Meet the Words Girls

What’s better than one amazing writer, editor, and language magician?

Two, of course.

A storied collaboration dating back to the early dot-com days has been renewed, and the results will be nothing short of some seriously righteous word-smithing.

Carol Pearson and Beverly Ingle first became colleagues – and then fast friends – in 1999 while working for one of the first successful online travel content syndicators. While their paths diverged, their mutual respect as professionals – and their friendship – stayed strong, and every so often Carol and Beverly would have occasion to work together on a project.

Now, as they’ve learned to collaborate with the Universe to manifest just what they want and need, they are working together again. Carol created The Words Girl in 2010 to help businesses understand and leverage the brave new world of content marketing. Beverly officially joins her as the second words girl, adding a unique and complementary skill set to Carol’s successful venture.

“Everyone who meets Carol remarks on what a wonderful person she is, and I’m no exception. But what does it mean? In my case, I hold her in high regard and admire her work because she’s smart, competent and organized, and (here’s the important piece) makes everyone around her feel the same. How does she do it? What combination of charm and fairy dust is this? I don’t know, but I think it has something to do with love – of people, of life, and of her work. I wish it could be bottled.”
Max Wells, Publisher, Wise Publishing Group

Carol and Beverly are both authors, content strategists and writers, editors, and savvy marketing communicators. They also happen to be smart, sassy and Southern. Beverly was born and bred in Texas, loves big hair, and gives “Bless your heart” a whole new depth of meaning. Carol, a native New Yorker, heeded the siren’s call of the South, escaped the snowy North, and now proudly sports perfectly polished toes and lips even if she’s just popping down to the Piggly Wiggly.

“Several years ago at SXSW as I nursed a gin and tonic and thought about what the days ahead might hold, I began to be sucked into the conversation this astute, sassy Texan next to me was having with the founders of a now highly successful agency.  As she wove her stories, I began to focus less on the college basketball playing on the bar’s TV and more on her persuasive narrative. Beverly is many things to many people, but to me she is nothing less than a brilliant storyteller.”
Paul Ramshaw, Hybris

Together, they are The Words Girls, and they have a passion for locally-owned businesses and  community organizations. They’ll ghostwrite your blog, manage the heck out of your publication calendar, write feature articles to build exposure in your industry; they’ll work with you to create content that your audience wants to read, in print or online.

“I’ve read this article several times since you sent it over yesterday.
It’s sooooooo good. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of this marketing effort.
You really put the polish on our communication.” David P., Freeport Press

The Words Girls – having fun and making profit with words, one client at a time.

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