“YOU make this magazine and all our PRO PRINT propaganda possible (that’s a lot of Ps).” — David Pilcher, VP Marketing, Freeport Press

Fairy dust?? You guys…

“Everyone who meets Carol remarks on what a wonderful person she is, and I’m no exception. But what does it mean? In my case, I hold her in high regard and admire her work because she’s smart, competent and organized, and (here’s the important piece) makes everyone around her feel the same. How does she do it? What combination of charm and fairy dust allows her to convey to an obdurate contributor that their piece is so manure encrusted that the one measly nugget of truth is obscured from view. AND then have that person rework their offering with renewed vigor to get it right? I don’t know, but I think it has something to do with love – of people, of life, and of her work. I wish it could be bottled.
Max Wells, Publisher, Wise Publishing Group

“You are not replaceable Carol! You’ve made us into who we are today with a strong industry voice. Even getting us listed as one of the top 10 voices on LinkedIn in Media??? Amazing.
Dave Pilcher, VP of Sales & Marketing, Print Evangelist and Magazine Addict at Freeport Press.

When you come back from vacation and your clients have THIS to say to welcome you back:




“Carol’s the real deal…
Scott Rendall, Rendall’s Certified Cleaning


“We’ve hired Carol as a writer for many of our projects including client interviews, short stories, press releases, book editing, ad writing and blog posts. She is highly creative and can handle any size project. She helps you put the words together that you need in a way that makes them come to life and illustrate the concepts and message that you would like to share. I highly recommend Carol as your source for content and writing projects!”
Sandi Maki, Coordinator of Everything at Legendary Escapes Swimming Pools


Save yourself the heartache and headache. Put the Words Girl to work for you!”
James Lewis, Kokopelli Financial and founder of The Business Squad

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